KELLE 2018 FLIP BOOK (with Updates)

INMEMORY JESSICA was the heart of the cutting department at Kellé and served as Cutting Manager for 18 years. She always greeted you with a bright smile, and a lovely positive energy. She was strong and kind. A gentle heart with a bit of firecracker mixed in! In the last few years especially Jessica showed us all how to live each moment to the fullest, with richness and dignity. She was always impeccably dressed, pulled together and loved the fun, fresh new costumes each season. She never slowed down and took such pride in her family, many friends and her Kellé family. Thank you for showing us all what is truly important in life. We will miss you Jessica! For 17 years JAN touched every single costume that was developed at Kellé! As Sample Maker, she used her ingenuity, major skills and talent to ensure that every costume was the absolute best. Jan’s witty, sharp sense of humor always made us laugh. The “Janism’s” came out often. She never backed down from a challenge stating “Should I stand on my head and spit quarters too?” She would always make it happen and the results were amazing! She was a devoted member of the Kellé family, a warm and wonderful friend to everyone and will never be forgotten. We will miss you Jan and do our best to keep spitting quarters while standing on our heads!