Kelle 2020 Collection

2 0 2 0 DA N C E R S ELAYNA is inspired to be a better dancer by her teachers and fellow dancers at Genesis Dance Company. Her goal is to continue dancing and eventually teach, choreograph, act and model. C H O R E O G R A P H E R S KIA HILL grew up dancing in Maple Grove, Minnesota and has won local and national Top Title awards. She received her B.A. from Loyola Marymount University of Los Angeles with a focus on dance performance, somatics and choreography. Kia lives in Minnesota and is a teacher for the Northwest suburbs Tippi Toes dance program. She is also a choreographer and teacher at Genesis Dance Company and the Creative Director and Lead Instructor at The Resistance Movement in St. Paul, MN. RACHEL DORAN is an influential member of the Minnesota dance community with a B.A. in Secondary Education and Dance from the University of St. Thomas. Rachel continues to explore dance education at all levels and ages and believes that with opportunity and intention anyone can dance. She is passionate about serving the next generation of dancing artists and is the co-director of Crash Dance Productions, assistant coach to the Totino- Grace High School dance team, and a nationwide instructor and choreographer with INNOVATE Dance. An entertainer at heart, MAYA loves having the ability to tell a story without using words. She currently dances at Larkin Dance Studio and hopes to always keep dance a part of her life. Contemporary is JORDYN’S favorite style of dance. Training and teaching with Spotlight Productions Dance Studio, she hopes to one day move to California and pursue a career in dance. NICK HANDBERG grew up immersed in the dance world. Following high school he broadened his dance studies at the University of Kansas and then the University of Minnesota where he was afforded the opportunity to work with local dance talent. Professionally Nick danced, choreographed and directed the contemporary dance company, Crash Dance Productions, for many seasons and is currently teaching at Genesis Dance Company. Nick values the athleticism and artistry of dance, and is an in-demand choreographer and dancer in the Minneapolis area. PAIGE LEFEVRE was a Kellé model for over 15 years. Today, she works behind the camera as a part of the company’s choreography team. A graduate of the Carlson School of Management, Paige earned a double major in Marketing and Entrepreneurial Management. During her time in college, she also danced on the University of Minnesota Dance Team, winning four National Championships. Currently living on the west coast, Paige travels the country with her professional styling business, offering services to brides, dancers and models. MARY LEVOIR is a choreographer and model who has been dancing for 22 years. She attended the University of Minnesota where she was a four-year member and captain of the national champion University of Minnesota Dance Team. Mary has competed as a member of Team USA Dance, as well as appeared on the television show So You Think You Can Dance. In college, she earned a B.A. in Elementary Education and now choreographs, teaches, coaches and mentors dancers around the world. K E L L É C A S T After dancing for 13 years, SHELBY aspires to further her studies at Julliard. Her future plans include owning a studio that includes classes for children with disabilities and following her interests in modeling and photography. SOPHIA S. has been dancing for 15 years and her favorite style is contemporary. She dances at Spotlight Productions Dance Studio. She also runs cross country and her future plans include becoming a chiropractor. ABBY is a member of the National Champion University of St. Thomas dance team. She is studying biochemistry and loves performing with friends before an audience. Passionate for the art, HANNAH is grateful for the way dance makes her feel. She dances at Jeté Dance Centre and aspires to perform on Broadway. Currently studying at Larkin Dance Studio, ADRIANNA enjoys performing and the physical and mental fitness dance provides. She aspires to become a dance instructor and elementary school teacher. ALLI dances with Premiere Dance Academy and loves the grace and precision of ballet. She also has a love of science and math and would like to pursue a career in a STEM field while continuing to dance. AMAYA is a member of Larkin Dance Studio where her favorite style of dance is contemporary. Her future goals include modeling and attending college to become a dietician. BRYNN loves to perform and challenge herself through dance. Jazz and contemporary are her favorite styles. She dances at JPJ Productions and her goal is to become a professional dancer. With plans to become a professional dancer and choreographer, CALEIGH enjoys being creative and turning new ideas into movement. As a member of Woodbury Dance Center, her favorite style is contemporary. CAMERON dances at Larkin Dance Studio where her favorite styles are jazz and contemporary. Her goal is to continue sharing her passion for dance through performing and teaching. Studying at Studio One Dance, CATHERINE’S favorite style is lyrical and she enjoys finding new ways to improve her dance. Her future goals include working in the beauty industry. CECE dances at Larkin Dance Studio and is inspired by music, friends and her dance teachers. She has a special passion for being on stage and plans to continue pursuing her love for dance in the future. With a love of movement and creativity, CHLOE enjoys the freedom of tap and hip hop. She dances at Dance Arts Centre and has future goals of being a designer or choreographer. ELIZABETH dances at Spotlight Productions Dance Studio and her favorite style is contemporary because of the intense emotion. She is also a competitive downhill skier and aspires to a career in the medical field. Premiere Dance Academy member, SYDNEY D. enjoys contemporary dance and the feeling of letting go. With a drive for success she plans a career in the medical field and to pursue her interest in photography. ELLA dances with Premiere Dance Academy and she loves the feeling of being on stage, expressing her emotions and improving her skills. Her future goal is to continue dancing and pursue acareer in the veterinaryfield. Being creative and having the ability to express herself is what motivates ELLE to dance. She dances at Phipps Performing Arts where her favorite style is contemporary. One day she hopes to study dance in college. GRACIELLA dances because it makes her feel alive and brings out the best in her. She is a member of Larkin Dance Studio and would like to pursue a career as a professional dancer and actress. As a member of Larkin Dance Studio, ISABELLA enjoys performing and her favorite style is ballroom. Her future goals include becoming a Minnesota Vikings Cheerleader and an elementary school teacher. Current Kellé employee and professional ballerina, KACEY dances with the Continental Ballet Company. She is currently rehearsing for their upcoming performances of The Nutcracker and Swan Lake. With many awards and honors to her name, KENDYL loves the combination of athleticism and art in dance. She studies at Yackel Dance Studio and plans to attend college in the future. Loving to express herself through movement, LAUREN enjoys performing in both jazz and contemporary styles. She loves to model and hopes to one day perform in theatre and pursue a medical career. When LILY dances, she feels like nothing else matters. She has a passion for performing, especially jazz routines where she can showcase her personality. Her dream is to one day dance on the University of Minnesota Dance Team. As a Jeté Dance Centre student, MARY loves telling a story with dance. Her favorite style is contemporary and she hopes to continue dancing her entire life. MEGAN , a member of her high school dance team, enjoys being able to spend time with friends she’s met through dance. Her future plans include medical school and eventually, serving as a doctor for the U.S. military. With aspirations to become a psychiatric nursepractitioner, NATASHA will be attending Minnesota State University Mankato and major in nursing. She is also a member of the MSU Dance Team. REESE recently completed a certificate in commercial dance at Millennium Dance Complex-LA and teaches at Madill Performing Arts Center. Her future plans include continuing as an instructor and pursuing a degree in psychology. Current Minnesota Vikings Cheerleader, SOONJI enjoys making people smile. She is a student at the University of St. Thomas and her goal is to be an NFL sideline reporter. With a love for all styles, SOPHIA K. enjoys the feeling of confidence and emotional expression she gets from dance. She dances at Studio 4 Dance and plans to be a dance instructor one day. Exploring new concepts and trying new things is what SYDNEY O. loves about dance. She is inspired by being around other amazing dancers and finds lyrical and jazz to be her favorite styles. SYDNEY S. comes from a long line of dancers and studies at Mauri’s School of Dance. She is a student teacher at her studio and jazz is her favorite style. Her future goals include being a professional dancer and choreographer. The rush of adrenaline is what inspires TAYA to dance. She dances at Yackel Dance Studio and enjoys contemporary dance where she can create new and unique movements. Her future plans include a career in the field of medicine. VANESSA dances at Summit Dance Shoppe. She enjoys contemporary dance for the freedom of expression and ballet for the discipline. Her goal is to continue dancing through college and pursue a degree in business. Expressing creativity and emotion is what VEDA enjoys most about dance. Her favorite style is jazz funk because it matches her personality. She dances at Summit Dance Shoppe and her dream is to dance on World of Dance. For 17 years, LEXUS has loved being on stage. She was a member of the 2018 Beat Squad. She will continue her passion for dance pursuing a career in Los Angeles. Dance has made EMILY S . the person she is today. She is a former studio dancer and captain of her high school dance team. She is attending the University of Minnesota. ANANDA is a member of the University of St. Thomas Dance Team, where she is constantly inspired by her teammates and coaches. She hopes to one day become a dance physical therapist. 800 707 8333 KELLÉ 161 160 KELLÉ