Apple Users: Sporadic Checkout Payment Issue

For Apple users there have been sporadic reports of reaching the checkout page but not being able to enter credit card payment details. Our technology provider, Shopify, is aware of the issue and is working to resolve. We apologize for the inconvenience! We've found the following solutions typically resolve the issue:

Update Your Operating System
A recent change in a major provider of SSL Certificates across the web means that computers running older operating systems may begin receiving security notices from many sites. This affects MacOS versions older than 10.12.1, and may affect other aging operating systems as well. Since this is an issue at the operating system level, simply upgrading or changing browsers will not solve it. To resolve, please update your operating system. Learn more.  

Disable Privacy Extensions In Your Web Browser
Recent changes to Apple's privacy features plus use of privacy extensions in web browsers have been identified as an issue with some users not being able to enter their payment information. If you are using a privacy extension, please disable the extension during the checkout process. You can learn more about Apple Privacy settings here.

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